Wani Yoga – lesson 5

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Throat Chakra is instrumental in creation of our ‘Wani’ (Speech). In my last post, we discussed indications of its imbalance and the benefits and necessity of balancing it. In this post I will talk to you about how to balance the Throat Chakra?

Exercise One:

The first step is to reinforce in your mind that speech is a very important part of your personality today as it never was in earlier times.

Step Two: Whether you are sitting on a chair or on the floor, keep your spine straight. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. Take deep breaths. Keep your eyes closed for better concentration.

Step Three: Keep your teeth apart with lips placed on each other (without pressing). Hum the sound of m m mmmmmm…….. smoothly. Repeat thrice.

Step Four: Keeping your eyes closed raise your chin gradually to the extent you can. And then bring it down gradually. While raising your chin and exhale while trying it down. Repeat thrice.

Exercise Two:

  1. Take your shoulders up slowly while inhaling to the count of five.
  2. Keeping your shoulders up hold your breath to the count of three.
  3.  Bring your shoulder down while exhaling to the count of five.

Repeat it 3 times.

Exercise No Three:

  1. Close your eyes and inhale to the count of 5.
  2. Open your jaw stretch as much as you can.
  3. With rounded lips and a mall opening produce the sound of AUM. Take it as long as you can.

 Repeat it 3 times.

You may do these exercises at any time. It is important to keep your mind relaxed and focused. Desire to important your virtual, written and creative expression. Follow the simple principle- Act, never react in your communication, verbal or written.

You may be expressing yourself in any language, but you must work to improve your language in case of any deficiency. Improvement has no limits.

How do you improve your language?

 Follow these simple rules.

  1. Simple language is the best form of expression.
  2. Use profession jargon only when necessary.
  3. Use short sentences unless you are adept in speaking/writing long sentences with multiple clauses.

 Furthermore, keep enriching your active vocabulary by adding one or two words of your choice daily. But you must use these in your communications.


Communication session in progress


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