6 Stages of Stage fright

Stage fright has been troubling people from the times armorial. One wants to speak to a group, to express himself or herself, they have the ideas and want to share knowledge but the stage fright scares them. What is stage fright and how does it operate? I’ll describe six stages of stage fright to explainContinue reading “6 Stages of Stage fright”

How to overcome depression?

How to overcome depression? What is depression? Often, a demanding situation creates a confusion. It causes mental stress, physical stress and also psychological stress. When a person is not able to cope up with the stress created by these difficult situations he or she falls into depression. It is a state when the person theContinue reading “How to overcome depression?”

Seven Proven Techniques about how to come out of Deep Sadness?

Often, we find that we become sad due to some small reason. It could be anything which happened not as we had visualized. It could be erroneous behavior of somebody we relied on and things like that. But sadness never helps us. It further aggravates the problem. We lose time. We lose energy too. WhenContinue reading “Seven Proven Techniques about how to come out of Deep Sadness?”

Negative Emotions

Five types of Negative Emotions which may wreck your Life First of all, we must understand what are negative emotions. What is the meaning of negative emotion? As human beings we are bound to feel happy or sad with situations or while interacting with people. Impact of such situation or such interaction is emotion. TheseContinue reading “Negative Emotions”

How to beat procrastination?

If you want to remove procrastination you must contemplate on the following three aspects of procrastination. Reasons of procrastination so far as you are concerned. Decision to remove procrastination from your life. How to overcome procrastination at all times. First of all let us talk about the reasons for procrastination. There could be following oneContinue reading “How to beat procrastination?”


We all know that humour has a great significance in life. Unfortunately in this stressful situation humour has totally disappeared. Lack of humour makes life even more stressful. It’s important to find the brighter side of life. It requires a positive attitude and it requires a frame of mind which identifies where are we, whereContinue reading “Humour”


As a child, I always felt that I lacked confidence. Even now, in some situations I find that I do not measure up to my expectations. Yet, I have always admired confident people and I continue to do. Considering that Confidence is a very importance part of our lives, I often contemplate about it. ThisContinue reading “Confidence”

4 Secret rules to dead with Difficult People

Rule One: Just think of driving a car. You have to use controls to drive you straight when you are driving. Mainly, you use steering wheel, accelerator & breaks. There are other facilities like horn, signals, rear view mirror etc. When you are dealing with difficult people, you have to follow 3 critical steps. TheseContinue reading “4 Secret rules to dead with Difficult People”

Four Foremost Facets of a Powerful Speech

Speech which doesn’t influence is without any significance and is best avoided. The speech has been a subject of importance ever since the society became cultured.  The great speakers were poor speakers at one time. It is a myth that speech or powerful speaking is a God-given quality. The nature of speech is dynamic andContinue reading “Four Foremost Facets of a Powerful Speech”

Ethos, Pathos & Logos

3 Prime Parameters of Public Speaking. Public Speaking has been considered very important ever since society started its cultural journey, hundreds of years ago. But Public Speaking is difficult and the public speaker faces many problems, real and assumed ones. Today, I will talk about three chief parameters of an effective speech. These three formContinue reading “Ethos, Pathos & Logos”