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Presentation Skills – the need of the hour!

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Presentation Skills are the need of the time. Right from the time a candidate appears from a Job Interview to the time he moves up the Corporate Ladder into Senior Management; his requirements to develop and deliver powerful presentations only increases.

The ability to engage the audience, communicate clearly and to ensure that the message is delivered is practice that must be assiduously developed into a habit. This call for a clear decision and positive action. The individual needs to put in the right kind of effort and needs proper guidance and assistance.

Training is extremely important. You need to have the right guide to make you aware about your areas of strengths and shortcomings. Nimble Foundation offers training in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.



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A Teacher must be a good Listner!

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Students may not be good listeners, but a Teacher must be one!

Unless the Teacher aggressively listens and understands the problems faced by the students in respect of a particular lesson, he/she will not evoke the desired respect from the students. Unless students respect their teacher, they will lose the desire to learn which is necessary for making any learning experience meaningful. Good listening is thus the key to developing a strong mutually rewarding teacher and student relationship.

A Fine Teacher Indeed!

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A Fine Teacher Indeed!

Teaching is defined by the results which the Teacher is able to achieve in the classroom. The extent of knowledge the students are able to assimilate defines the capability of the Teacher. It is therefore necessary to formulate such tests which may be repetitively conducted to measure the learning and development of the students.

The present system of examinations does not truly measure the capabilities of the students. Students these days are only after marks. They are not able to imbibe the knowledge in fashion that would allow them to use it practically in real life.

When one thinks of an efficient teacher/trainer the picture of Anand Sir from Patna  comes to the mind. I had an opportunity to talk with Anand Sir about four years. There was an article in the Indian Express I read on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. It reported that he selects thirty students from poor families. These are 30 brilliant students. I am unaware of how he actually selects the students, but i am sure it must be highly effective because the report said that all of them prepared for the IIT examination and were actually selected. This is why they are called the IIT Super 30! The report did not carry the contact no. of ‘Anand Sir’. After reaching Mumbai. From Mumbai I contacted Indian Express Delhi and obtained the Mobile No. of Anand Sir and had the privielege of talking to him. 

 When I asked him how does he achieve this fear? What was his teaching method? He replied that he does not believe in teaching! Rather, he encourages his students to learn by themselves. Members of his group are encouraged to collabourate with each other and to compete with each other.

I believe Anand Sir, has imbibed and is following the finer principles of the Gurukul System that had ensured that India was a seat of education and higher learning for several centuries (until the arrival of the British).

The Indian Education System surely (and sorely) needs many more individuals like Anand Sir to make a difference.


What makes a good teacher!

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What makes a good teacher!

The focus on any kind of guided and effective learning starts with the Teacher. Certain attributes such as enthusiasm and a pleasing personality are prerequisites for conducting training programmes that effectively address the needs of the students and ensure maximum learning. However, the most important attribute of a good teacher are his/her communication abilities – particularly the effective use of voice and speech.

A good teacher must be an effective Public Speaker. 

Effective Teacher Training programmes are the need of the hour – after all Teachers shape the future of a country!

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The Thought behind Nimble Foundation

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Education is the most important aspect of human life. Since the world is changing the concept of education also needs to change accordingly. If we look back at the history of our nation, we will find that there was a time when greater emphasis was laid on education than any other activity.

Our Gurukul system of learning focussed on awakening the mind of each individual student. The system made every student realise and achieve his true goal in life as per his competency and potential. Students were made to think for themselves – the focus was on application of mind rather than learning by rote.

Sadly times changed. The Gurukul system which served our country for several centuries was replaced by the ‘modern’ school system which programmed children to learning by rote. Emphasis was placed on cramming the brain with knowledge, rather than instilling the learning and developing creativity.

NIMBLE stands for National Ideological Movement for Better Literature & Education. The Foundation is making a difference through its programmes in Voice & Speech as well as Communication & Soft Skills & Personality. The focus is on learning and development applying the time tested techniques followed by the Gurukuls in yesteryears.