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The Bhagavad Gita Talks 45

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The Bhagavad Gita is the ultimate book of knowledge and is duly recognized as such throughout the world. Its wisdom transcends the limits of time and space. I publish daily one message from the book which can be related to our daily life titled: Thought4TheDay

These are widely read and highly appreciated by my connections on LinkedIn, friends on Facebook and followers on twitter totally about 27000 people. As recommended by some friends, I am posting the same here. You may ask questions and/or post your comments which be appreciated. Hope you will find the initiative very rewarding.

Thought4TheDay (Dec. 19, 2017)


God Makes the Rivers to Flow

“God makes the rivers to flow. They tire not,

nor do they cease from flowing.

May the river of my life flow into the sea of love,

that is the Lord.

May I overcome all the impediments in my course.

May the thread of my song be not cut before my life

merges in the sea of love.

Guard me against all dangers, O Lord.

Accept me graciously, O King of kings.

Release me from my sorrows, which hold me as ropes

hold a calf. I cannot even open my eyes without

the power of your love.

Guard us against the grief that haunts the life of the

selfish. Lead us from darkness into light.”

A beautiful invocation flowered with the simile of a river flowing. Life flows thus too. When we know where to go as our goals well defined, it strengthens our resolve to do what we need to do to realize aim of our life. Worldly progress but without attachment is no where denied; neither in the Rig Veda, nor in The Bhagavad Gita!

Thought4TheDay (Dec. 18, 2017)


Cross the River Bravely

Cross the river bravely; conquer all your passions.

Go beyond the world of fragments and know the

deathless ground of life.

Cross the river bravely; conquer all your passions.

Go beyond your likes and dislikes and all fetters

will fall away.

Who is a true Brahmin? That one I call a Brahmin

who has neither likes nor dislikes and is free from

the chains of fear.

Who is a true Brahmin? That one call a Brahmin

who has trained the mind to be still and reached the

supreme goal of life.

Bravery gives you courage to face turbulence of life squarely.  Desires and emotions weaken the mind and need to be kept under control. This in no way means renouncing life. It doesn’t even mean that you should not have and pursue your goals. Keeping control over your emotions will only help in your ability to achieve your goals.

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