Communication is a double edged sword; which is your edge?

What is communication? How can we define it? First of all let’s understand it’s origin and it’s meaning. Communication is derived from the Latin word “communis” meaning to share something or hold in common. Communication can be defined in following ways: Communication is the process of exchanging information, ideas, thoughts, speech, signals, writing or behaviour. Continue reading “Communication is a double edged sword; which is your edge?”

The Pursuit of Knowledge!

Pursuit of knowledge has always been the hallmark of human development. There was never a time when the enlightened ones did not question “Why, How and When” of anything which is significant in life. Even before the advent of books knowledge was shared by people at large through spoken words, most likely I the formContinue reading “The Pursuit of Knowledge!”

Happiness is not expensive.

Today when there is so much information available on all human emotions and the reasons there of no one has any right or business to be unhappy. Actually there was never a reason for people to be unhappy. Abraham Lincoln said in the early 19th century that ‘most people are about as happy as theyContinue reading “Happiness is not expensive.”