4 Main Reasons for Saddening Stress and Why we must have Literary Break!

The mind that is anxious about the future is miserable. There are more things to alarm us than to harm us, and we suffer more often in apprehension than reality. -Seneca 4 B.C.? 65 A.D. Anxiety is the worst habit of human personality. In fact one only needs to be concerned about any untoward situation,Continue reading “4 Main Reasons for Saddening Stress and Why we must have Literary Break!”

Modern Lifestyle; Thy name is Stress!

In today’s world, one cannot perform traditional work at a modern pace. Traditional work has traditional rhythm for which you need to be calm. You may be busy, but you must remain calm which sometimes might not be possible in present environment. It is often assumed that having more money eases the path through life,Continue reading “Modern Lifestyle; Thy name is Stress!”

Stress; Answer 20 Questions

I list below some questions which you need to ask yourself. Considering their importance in your success story, contemplate seriously and answer as honestly as you can. Please give marks from 1 to 4 in each question. In the end you have to add up your score. The scale of evaluation is given at theContinue reading “Stress; Answer 20 Questions”

All about stress

What is stress? Stress is not about what happens to us it’s our response towards it. But responding towards the happenings is solely our choice because happenings cannot be chosen. In simple terms, the adverse reaction of people to the excessive pressure or the types of demands placed on them is called stress. What areContinue reading “All about stress”